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Exhibition: Looking for a Muse

Looking for a Muse

An selection of black & white silver-gelatin prints from my archives.

All prints are available for purchase. Please contact me directly for details.

Location: Bar "Bisque" 10-2 Takajou, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City.

Exhibition: Over Image

Over Image: An Exhibition of Photographic and Painted Images
An Exhibition of Photographic and Painted Images

This is a group show combining the following three themes:

YAWU (Yet Another Website Update)

Frankly, I didn't have time for this. But it had to be done....

The spammers were relentless and I was tired of fighting them with outdated tools. I've just upped the ante. Die spammers!

Now ask me if I have time to upload photos and graphics!

Exhibit: Then and Now

Gallery Ezaki Exhibit 2007-11

Contrary to the rumours, I have not gone back to my home planet. To prove it, here is the long-awaited exhibit.

This exhibition is an anthology of my work since 1990 plus an installation that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Gallery Ezaki

News: New Website Design

Well, over the holidays, I finally got around to upgrading this website. This has been a work-in-progress for about six months but it kept getting bumped by other projects with higher priority.

Aside from the graphics, two things have changed. Firstly, all content is presented BLOG-style and date-stamped. (While technically, the old site used blog software for content mangement, I have, until now, resisted calling it that.)

Secondly, selected pages have a form that lets you submit comments. Comments are appended to the page. Feel free to comment below. ;-)

Why Am I Here and Where I'm Coming From?

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What is Fine Art Photography?

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What Does it Take to be a Professional Photographer?

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Stock Photographs for Editorial Use

I am an anthropologist of sorts: I love people, so that is what I mostly shoot. Much of my work has a Japanese context. I have lived in Japan for one quarter of my life and I know the culture, so what I produce is not from the naive eyes of a visitor.

I have an archive of over 10,000 black & white negatives. These are mostly of people. I can also shoot to order in black & white or colour. Let me know your editorial needs.
I have also spent a fair amount of time in Thailand so I have a growing archive of Thai subject matter.

Fine Art Prints

Some of my exhibition prints are for sale as fine art prints. I can also be commissioned to produce any subject matter that you require.

All photographs--from conception to final print--embody my own unique style, regardless of the subject matter.
They are black & white, silver gelatin prints on a fiber base, done by hand, and fixed, washed and toned to archival standards. This insures maximum life of the images.

Style of mounting and framing, also done to archival standards, is selected on the basis of how and where you will be viewing the prints.

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