Stock Photographs for Editorial Use

I am an anthropologist of sorts: I love people, so that is what I mostly shoot. Much of my work has a Japanese context. I have lived in Japan for one quarter of my life and I know the culture, so what I produce is not from the naive eyes of a visitor.

I have an archive of over 10,000 black & white negatives. These are mostly of people. I can also shoot to order in black & white or colour. Let me know your editorial needs.
I have also spent a fair amount of time in Thailand so I have a growing archive of Thai subject matter.

If you are an editor, you won't go wrong by consulting with me for ideas or advice before making any critical decisions about your Japan- or Thai-related content.

Note: If you need model releases, please inform me when making your search request. As a general rule, releases are required for use inside Japan, even for editorial use.

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