Fine Art Prints

Some of my exhibition prints are for sale as fine art prints. I can also be commissioned to produce any subject matter that you require.

All photographs--from conception to final print--embody my own unique style, regardless of the subject matter.
They are black & white, silver gelatin prints on a fiber base, done by hand, and fixed, washed and toned to archival standards. This insures maximum life of the images.

Style of mounting and framing, also done to archival standards, is selected on the basis of how and where you will be viewing the prints.

Limited editions are certified as such.

My commissioned fine-art works are usually portraiture (environmental, corporate, glamour and "keepsake nudes"), but they need not be limited to these.
The most common themes of my exhibited prints are people (candids and environment portraiture) and nude figure studies.

We should meet to discuss your requirements and expectations.

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