No, We Don't!

We are not a print or prepress service

We get all kinds of requests to do just printing or just colour separations or some other single step of the entire production workflow. Sure, they are all important steps, but we are a creative services provider that happens to like controlling every step of the process not just for quality-assurance reasons but because we happen to enjoy doing creative work. Why should we take all the grunt work and not also get to do the fun stuff?

If you are just looking production work, you presumably already know the processes. That being the case, you probably want to go directly to a print company or a prepress company. We are not a prepress company.

Whether or not you are familiar with the media production processes, if you'd like someone to handle everything, from conception to final production output, you've come to the right place.

We don't do "web design"!

Everybody does web design! Why not?

First off, the term "web design" in its current usage, is an oxymoron. Mostly, the people who claim to do web design are not doing it at all. This is largely a misunderstanding of the term "design".

Design of anything starts with defining the function. It includes aesthetics but without function you don't have a website.

Actually, we did do this website. It serves a certain function very well. That, of course, was by "design". There are some things this website doesn't do well. Those issues can been eliminated if we throw time or the money at the problems. Not a priority.

If you really want to do it right, we refer you to Hardfocus Media. We do the graphics for them but they know marketing and content management, workflow, servers and all that stuff. That's the stuff you need to know when putting up a website.

We don't do Windows!

We get asked this question a lot: Do you use Windows?

It's an odd question because the computer platform has nothing to do with the services we provide and it has nothing to do with the results we produce. Compatibility with Windows is most certainly not an issue. If you have any doubts about this, talk to us!

For those that simple must know, we've migrated most of our workflow to Apple Macs. Apple OS X just works better. We know some of you think this is some kind of blasphemy. Listen up, rug rats, we've been using computers longer than a company called MicroSoft* even existed. This is not some kind of religious thing. We just use what works! We get rid of whatever gives us the most headaches and we'll change again if something more suitable comes along.

Actually, we still have one Windows XP box left that we use for certain audio production. We just haven't decided on a suitable Mac replacement for the software, yet. But all in due time.

*In the mid-1970s, "Micro-soft" with a hyphen, was the trade name used by Paul Allen and that other guy, Gates, for their entry into the fledging micro-computer software industry. Microsoft Corporation didn't come into being until 1981.

2009-06-01 Update: We have retired the Windows XP box! All our audio production is now on the Mac. No more "micro" and "soft"; Headaches gone!