How Much?

We are good, so we know we could charge a lot more for our services. But we are just having too much fun. It just would seem right. To those who still might harbour feelings that we are expensive, kindly keep in mind that...

  1. we have to eat too
  2. we actually know what we are doing
  3. we don't have time to argue with you

You wanna talk discounts? ... Just what was the name of that exotic tropical island where you want us to shoot bikini-clad models?

So here is the straight deal:

We charge 80,000 Japanese yen per day. Plus travel, plus expenses. That's per person, by the way, and a day is officially 8 hours.

You can have us for less than a day but our hourly rate is 12000 yen per hour (minimum 4 hours).

Depending on the location, travel time is charged at 5000 yen per hour (maximum 40,000 yen per day).

The fine print

Just so we're clear from the start, we don't do "work for hire" unless you pay for a transfer of rights.